TechniTrader Swing Trading Course review - by Roger M. - "thank you for changing my life"

Student writes review about stock trading courses author and instructor saying "I am really close to trading for a living."

Hello Martha,

I finished the advanced Swing Course (TechniTrader Swing Trading Course) last week. You (Martha Stokes CMT) are so very detailed about your teaching, but it is all so vital for us to learn and know all of it. I have taken many (TechniTrader) courses over the last 2 years and in early September, finally threw some good money for me anyway into my trading account. 

I have really learned how to find the pros before the runs just by all the tips you have talked about, your wiki file (TechniTrader Student WIKI) information that I have printed out and studied, looking through tens of thousands of charts over the years, and studying all that I have over and over. 

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My wife even as of mid-summer was really unsure about whether this was going to go for me. Well last July, I paper traded and made 25% in 5 weeks. I thought that was really good, until now. I have gotten to the point that when I am looking for the pros, the charts and volume are telling me when the pros are getting ready to run stocks up. I had 2 big hitters in the last week and a half. I have gotten into a few others that haven't done as well, but I am never getting into anything that is losing me money.

I have hit my last 14 trades paper and real trading included, without any loses. I really am understanding that volume is such a key to everything. The market bias is important, but the participants are even more vital as long as the pros are in and I can find them. I have made 17.5% in the last 9 trading days of my total trading account.

I am 47 years old, and I am thinking that if I can make 10% a month, I am really close to trading for a living. I just feel like averaging 10% is not a hard thing to do, and knowing that I am only going to get better and better solidifies that thought. 

I can't imagine how long it takes to put these courses (TechniTrader courses) together, and I just want to tell you thank you for changing my life, as I continue to learn more and more. I have been looking for a way to not work so hard like I have for 30 years now, and I know this is the answer that I have been praying for. 

You will never know the impact you are having on the Students that really get what you are teaching. This isn't easy to learn, but it's starting to become automatic now and is well worth the thousands of hours I have given to studying the last few years. I see light at the end of the tunnel.  

Thanks again,

Roger M.

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TechniTrader is "The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education." Go to the Learning Center and watch a wide variety of webinars, to experience for yourself the excellence of TechniTrader education.

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TechniTrader Instructor Martha Stokes CMT Review - by Michael D. - "both an excellent teacher and one of the most interesting and unique people I have ever encountered"

New Student writes review thanking TechniTrader instructor Martha Stokes CMT for mentoring and dedication.

Dear Martha,

Life presents very few moments, or moments one recognizes as life altering. However, I find myself encouraged and in the midst of what I hope to be a positive life altering year and transformation because of you and your TechniTrader team.

After college I developed an interest in trading. During free time in my early 20’s I read books about the market, candlesticks, indicators, listened to webinars etc. but always felt that I was missing something, that I still did not possess enough cohesive knowledge to make a sound trading or investment decision. Up until that point I had still never made a trade before and did not know or understand how to approach the market. I just did not feel ready or prepared. The starting point of my transformation occurred about 8 months ago after listening to you teach on a recorded TC2000 Telechart Webinar.

I remember throughout that webinar I did not understand much of what you were saying. You were speaking quickly because of the time constraints. Your vernacular was foreign and you spoke of the financial markets in a manner in which I had never heard before. However, afterwards I felt really excited. My gut and intuition were tugging me within telling me that I had just encountered someone special. Needless to say, my intuition was right and I have been one of your students ever since.

My purpose for writing this letter is to say “Thank You!” I could write pages detailing the many reasons and person-life circumstances that contribute to my immense gratitude but that is for another time. In the meantime, I would like to thank you for all of your mentorship, hard work, and dedication to your students/me. Despite however never having met me I feel like you care about me and my success…almost as much as my parents. You are a special person and teacher.

During my school years, I always struggled in math and required tutors to assist in my comprehension. Where my mind felt cluttered in trying to make sense of the problems, I would listen, amazed at how the tutor could dissect and simplify its complexity. After their explanation, and my own repetition, I could grasp the concepts. You possess that same type of genius and other intangibles that make you both an excellent teacher and one of the most interesting and unique people I have ever encountered. You are truly a treasure.

I admire most your selfless dedication to passing the knowledge you spent your life acquiring to your students. It is my observation and humble opinion that in a capitalist society the most important security one could have is financial security. Therefore, there is no greater gift one could give another than the guidance, tools, and knowledge to achieve such security as well as thrive and reach ones fullest potential. You provide these tools every day by tirelessly working to impart your insight, approach, and knowledge so we too may achieve success in the financial markets. I am sincerely grateful.

At this moment in time I am still at the paper trading stage of learning but am optimistic that through your teaching and my own efforts I too can one day become a disciplined and successful Swing and Position Trader.

During a commencement speech at Stanford, the late Steve Jobs made remarks centered around finding and doing what you love to do in life as one of the keys to success. He said, “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know it when you find it. And like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on.” Because of you and your continued guidance I believe I have found what I love to do in life.

I also would like to thank your staff. Their support, response times, and insight are greatly appreciated. At times I feel as if they are my co-workers, except friendlier and more responsive.

Forever your grateful and dedicated student,

Michael D.

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TechniTrader Methodology Essentials Standard Course review - by David S. - "best decision I have made in my investing and trading education"

Student writes review about the TechniTrader Methodology Course for beginners saying this "is an outstanding company!"

I have been a TechniTrader Student for over 10 years, and it was the best decision I have made in my investing and trading education. This is an outstanding company!

Martha and the dedicated staff have always gone over and above every step of the way as I advanced through my training. 
TechniTrader is truly the Gold Standard in Stock Market Education.

If you are considering starting with the TechniTrader Methodology Course…just do it! You will not regret it!

David S.

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TechniTrader is "The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education."
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