TechniTrader Market Corrections Sell Short Course review - by Ron M. - "enjoyed the course and felt it was very well done."

Student review that he finished the TechniTrader Selling Short course, and is ready for the tools and calculator. 

I have completed the (TechniTrader Definitive Guide to Market Corrections Sell Short Edition) DGMC and am requesting complimentary trading tools and calculator. 

I enjoyed the course, and felt it was very well done.


Ron M.

Notes from blog manager Adrienne:
Below is an excerpt of an article by Martha Stokes CMT who wrote the Sell Short Course that this review is about. The article is about Selling Short, and is located on the main website

Market Correction – Identifying Tops Early

List of What Traders Need To Learn

One of the challenges of a Market Correction is identifying tops early, as it often creeps up on traders unexpectedly. They are surprised too often by a sudden sell-off, blaming news or an event for the selling rather than recognizing that the stock charts were showing signs of weakness long before the big decline.
Stock charts often reflect things that are missed by Retail Traders who have learned only the basics such as a MACD crossover signal, or a specific candlestick pattern, or a trading strategy. All of these basics are fine, but they are not enough to succeed at trading in the modern automated marketplace. If you are interested in reading more, seeing a chart example, and watching webinars related to this topic go to HERE

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