TechniTrader Methodology Essentials Standard Course review - by Laurel P. - "is fantastic; no one has any program like yours"

New Student writes review saying that before finding the TechniTrader course she lost a lot of money, and that the TechniTrader methodology is incredible.

Your (TechniTrader Methodology Essentials Standard Course) program is fantastic; no one has any program like yours. Included in your program are TWO VERY NICE PEOPLE WHO GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO HELP (Martha Stokes CMT and Howard Johnson Co-Founders of TechniTrader). That just does not happen in today’s times.

I was telling my husband how much help you provide, and he can’t believe it either. I have been struggling with network marketing for the past seven years – lost a lot of money trying to sell, which was not for me. There was also no training available either, except greedy people who brought you in who were friendly when you sold because they got paid on your efforts and when you did not sell anymore, they did not want anything to do with you. 

With the stock market, AND your training this is such a totally different ballgame. I know I can make money and it is not a gamble, not if you study your program. I was browsing through the sector stocks last night just seeing how those stocks were doing and the potential of THOSE alone can bring in money. With your system you DO make money. Your system is incredible, I am now able to see and analyze stocks and I can see the potential of them all. 

Thanks for all your hard work.

Laurel P.

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