TechniTrader Instructor Martha Stokes CMT review - by Dan D. - "thank you for all the great advice"

Student writes review about TechniTrader Instructor and Courses Author Martha Stokes CMT thanking her for the excellent course format and great start.


I am reaching the end of my online support with you. It has been extremely educational. Of course, I have printed all the emails and review it consistently. 

I want to thank you for all the great advice and an excellent format for learning (TechniTrader Methodology Essentials Standard Course). This format lends itself to easy review.

The DVD's are in fact that is one of the strongest reasons for my interest in TechniTrader. Your work (Martha Stokes CMT author and instructor of TechniTrader Courses)) and Howard's work are interesting and easy to follow and review.

So the education goes on, a healthy foundation has been laid and long term work remains.

Thank you for the great start,

Dan D.

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