TechniTrader Methodology Essentials Standard Course review - by Donald C. - "could have saved myself a great deal of pain and money"

Student writes review about TechniTrader Standard Course, and shares his previous experiences stating he tried numerous trading systems, seminars and books, but none taught Market Trend. He is "A Real TechniTrader Fan."

I wanted to address my misguided past study of both the market as well as the numerous trading systems that I tried. I have purchased in excess of 52 hardback trading publications, numerous trading subscriptions. Along with this I have attended several seminars, most being out of state and located on the East Coast. As you are aware seminars involve airfare, hotel rooms, meals, and cab fare or car rental.

Being a glutton for pain and resulting in a sick bank account due to my quest for the "Holy Grail," it's a wonder I didn't buy the Brooklyn Bridge!! Not one of the books or seminars relating to their trading systems, explained the reasoning or the principles that applied to their systems. It was as if all systems worked well with no regard as to the Market Trend.

However during the dot com era, I could do no wrong like so many others. Making as much as $8,000 in one day. Then nothing seemed to work and as Martha has stated several times, "stocks can run down in a hurry." My bank statements verify that statement.

Having spent 30 some years sailing I had always considered the sea to be the ultimate educator. But I learned quickly not to take it for granted. When one thinks it knows the sea, it is more than capable of showing you and entirely different face. I have since learned from both my own experience and from you Martha (Martha Stokes CMT), the stock market could well be the sea's equal educator.

Had I known about TechniTrader's (Methodology Essentials Standard Course) programs, I could have saved myself a great deal of pain and money. And had a better understanding of the market.

A Real TechniTrader Fan.


Donald C.

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