TechniTrader Stock Trading Courses Instructor review - by Gillian - "incredibly organized and thorough approach"

TechniTrader Student writes review about personal experience and thanks instructor Martha Stokes CMT for helping her get started in the right direction.


I am so appreciative of TechniTrader with Martha (Martha Stokes CMT) incredibly organized and thorough approach.

For the last year I have been gathering information and self teaching, which is as dangerous as self medicating. I was at the point that the more I learned, the more confused I was becoming.

I created my own charts with a dozens of indicators in beautiful colors I must add, and would just stare blankly at them. It was just by fluke that a new search engine appeared on my windows live account "Bing" and ping, your site popped up.

It really scares me to think how naive and ill-equipped I was and that I most certainly would have had some nasty lessons.

Thanks so much for all your help in getting me on track.

Best Regards,

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