TechniTrader Instructor Martha Stokes CMT review - by Roger M. - "You also share information that Bloomberg, Fox Business, and others never talk about. That's key."

Student writes thanking Martha Stokes CMT for the TechniTrader courses and Student Support publication called the "Daily Market Educator."


I just wanted to thank you again for all the work you have put into the courses, DME’s, etc. I find that I think I know a lot, yet at the same time find that I know very little. The world of finance is so vast that it’s impossible to grasp.

I have my trading account with TD, and they are trying to get me to use their tips, information, and other resources. I won’t even look at them. I told my wife that I have found someone in you that I have fully put my trust in and I am not going to sway from that. 

There is just too much deception in our world, and I truly believe that you are looking out for all of us Students. You also share information that Bloomberg, Fox Business, and others never talk about. That’s key.

I almost got sucked into the “Rich Dad Stock Trading” classes before I found TechniTrader. My gosh, I look back and am so glad that I didn’t do that. 

I have had to wonder at times how well they are trading. They are using MACD as their primary indicator. I used to think that was just the neatest thing.

Just want to say thanks again.


Roger M.

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